Pastor: Reverend Peter Milloy

Rev Peter Milloy

Pastor Peter Milloy prefers to be called simply “Peter” and he welcomes calls and messages on his cell phone: 413-310-5027.  His email address is

Peter was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1946.  He earned B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Divinity degree from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  His wife Joanne grew up in Chicopee.
His favorite form of recreation is open water swimming.  He has two children and two grandchildren.

He is an ordained elder in the Minnesota Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.  He served congregations in Minnesota for 25 years, officially retiring in 2009.  He has led our South Hadley congregation since July 2011. 

Joanne and Peter live in Pine Grove Condominium in South Hadley, about three miles from the church.

Minister of Music: Dr. Heather Reichgott

Photo by Sam Masinter

Heather Reichgott grew up dancing around the living room to the sounds of her mother playing Beethoven. She has been playing the piano ever since she grew tall enough to reach it. Heather began accompanying at age 10 for her fifth grade chorus, played chamber music and accompanied musical theatre and church services while in high school, and was awarded the Certificate for Excellence in Concerto Performance by Seymour Bernstein at the Seattle Young Artists Music Festival. While she was a student at Oberlin College she filled in for accompanists at local churches and began accompanying for ballet classes at Ohio Dance Theatre in order to afford to take class herself.

Today, in addition to serving as Minister of Music at the South Hadley Methodist Church, Heather is the accompanist for Da Camera Singers, teaches piano to over 30 students in a thriving private Suzuki piano studio and at Bay Path University, enjoys an active and varied career as a performer locally, playing everything from classical concerts to musical theatre, and is also a staff accompanist at Boston Ballet School.

Heather’s recordings include an album of ballet class music, A Musical Feast for Ballet Class (2011), and an album of music by contemporary composers, Preludes, Problems & Prayers (2014). All her recordings are available on

Heather has a daughter and lives in South Hadley.

Secretary: Ann Felsentreger

Custodian: Jeremy Kenneson